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Dimmable LED Cove and Under Cabinet Lighting

LED cove vegas AP20 waterproof

LED Lighting Experts

Kick Lighting sells directly to Electricians, Contractors, Architects and DIY'ers. We take all the guessing out of your buying experience by selling the best in UL approved, pre-tested, and warrantied LED lighting, dimmer switches and power supplies. We offer free design and specification help for your projects. Kick guarantees your satisfaction with our 30-day full money back policy.

LED for Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting

Our most versatile solution for LED lighting for coves, under counter and signs is Kick Flex. Just 3 watts per foot and it can be shaped to any space, dimmed with KR8 or Kick-KR6 and set up for animated signs or artwork.

low profile LED

New higher capacity 12v DC dimmer - KICK-KR6

Our best selling PWM dimmer for 12v DC LED has been improved and now has a capacity of 6 amps (72 watts at 12v DC). The new model number is KICK-KR6. Drop out, the point at which the lights go from visibly on to off, is now below 5%. We are happy to be able to give you 50% more capacity and more range for the same price as our discontinued Kick-KR4.

December 2016 -- Kick Lighting is Hiring

We have created a new space for warehousing, shipping, receiving, testing, design, fabrication, and sales. The new facility also has a by-appointment showroom. For qualified candidates, we have jobs in the Hudson area, Columbia County, 12534. Please do not use the 800 number to apply for jobs -- we are accepting applications through email ONLY.

Our newest location is:

 Kick Lighting
 421 Warren Street, 2nd Floor
 Hudson, NY 12534

About Us

We started selling fluorescent for coves, architectural lighting and retail displays but moved on to manufacturing LED in response to requests from our customers. Dimmable fluorescent is expensive because you have to use a special ballast. Dimming isn't something that fluorescent does well so we partnered with factories in the USA and Asia to create the best options for dimmable cove lighting.

We use PWM dimming, which is superior to low voltage dimming because it provides full range dimming capabilities while low voltage systems typically lose the lowest 20% of the range. Most of our gear is 12 or 24 volt because that gets you the long product life that LED is famous for. Many of the products that accept 120v AC input have a transformer or driver right next to the LEDs and that transfers heat which can shorten the life of LED lights. External power supplies provide superior power and longer performance.

Over the past 11 years, we have helped design and install LED lighting systems from San Francisco to Montreal in a wide variety of applications. Our LED products are now lighting coves in Texas, lightboxes in California, bookshelves in New Jersey and home theaters across the country. Call us and we'll tell you everything we know about how to get your project done with the right gear at the right price.

We are happy to talk to you about the products you are interested in on the phone or by email.

Kick Lighting has sold over 472,607 LEDs as of December 15, 2016.



Kick LED Lighting is dimmable with our KR6 PWM dimmer

wall switch for LED dimming
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